Admission Requirements

Language requirements

Our Program


The high school diploma class is Lorvale Academy’s most important basic program. Students who participate in this project can obtain high school credits recognized by Canadian universities and apply for Canadian universities.


  1. Exclusive university application Counseling
  2. Evening self-study class tutoring
  3. University Application Counseling
  4. Extracurricular activities organized by the school
  5. English as a Second Language classes (ESL)
  6. 40 hours of volunteer/community activities
  7. 12 elective courses
  8. 18 compulsory courses
  9. New Student Admissions Guide

Application Process

1. Submit application

  • Complete the admission form
  • Transcripts of the past two years (both in Chinese and English)
  • Proof of enrollment or graduation certificate (both in Chinese and English)
  • Complete the guardian information form (applicable only to applicants under the age of 18)

All the above documents should be emailed to the school email

2. Written test and interview

Students and parents who have completed their registration will receive an invitation for a written test and a video interview.

3. Pre-admission

After evaluating the admission materials and interview, successful applicants will receive an admission and payment notice.

4. Formal admission

Students pay tuition fees and other fees according to the payment instructions. After the payment is successful, Lorvale will issue an official admission letter.

5. Apply for a visa

Students apply for a visa at the Canadian embassy in their home country.

6. Pre-departure 

  • After the student obtains the visa, Lorvale will provide pre-departure guidance to the student and parentsIf you need airport pick-up service, please contact the school to make a reservation two weeks before departure.

    Documents required for transit: proof of enrollment or graduation certificate (in Chinese and English), vaccination records (in Chinese and English), original letter of acceptance from Lorvale Academy.