OSSD Program

The high school diploma class is the most important basic program of Lorvale Academy. Students who participate in this project can obtain high school credits recognized by Canadian universities and use them to apply for Canadian universities. In addition, Lorvale Academy will also provide students with admission guidance, English intensive courses, and university application counseling services to help students successfully obtain an Ontario high school diploma and apply to an ideal university.

Program Highlight

New Students Guide

Explain North American culture and customs, homestay precautions, school rules and regulations to the students, and assist students to set up phone cards, open bank accounts etc.

English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

Provide intensive English training for new students to quickly adapt to the local education system.

University Application Counseling

Professional university application teachers tailor university application strategies and plans for students, and provide targeted counseling and preparation.

Volunteer & Community Activities

Lorvale Academy carefully selects qualified institutions that help students understand North American culture, overcome the language barrier with local people (including nursing homes, community festival celebrations, charities), and develop students' independence and communication skills.

Guest Speeches · Experience Sharing

The college regularly invites students from top universities in North America and successful industry professionals to share their experience.

School Activities

The school regularly organizes activities with North American and Chinese characteristics to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. Learn about local culture through activities and introduce Chinese culture to local students, including Halloween activities, Christmas activities, Spring Festival activities, etc.

University Tours

Lorvale Academy regularly organizes students to visit famous university campuses in Ontario (for example: University of Toronto, Queen's University, McMaster University, etc.), and communicate directly with school admissions officers.

School Terms

September - January

First Term

February - June

Second Term

July - August

Summer School

Students can choose to take a vacation or participate in a summer school held by Lorvale. They can enroll at the beginning of each semester.