University Application Preparation

Our university application preparation counselling services are designed to give you the best shot at acceptance. All our expert counselors have extensive experience maximizing your chances of getting accepted into your target universities and programs.

We’re ready to help you with every aspect of your university application; our counselors specialize in helping you craft strategic positioning narratives that boost your profile and best demonstrate your candidacy.

Our experienced team is eager to share their relevant insights with you, whether you need essay editing assistance, interview prep support, or help with any other university application element.

We can’t wait to strategically position you as an excellent university candidate! When you work with Lorvale Academy, you’ll receive ongoing support at every step of the way. Book a free consultation with us today to learn how our university application preparation counselling services can take your university profile to the next level!

Program Features

Comprehensive Evaluation

A comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the current situation of students in all aspects is carried out by the counselor based on professional software.

End To End Counselling

The professional counseling team follows up the application and the improvement of students throughout the process, and provides additional counseling for difficulties.

Personalized Suggestion

According to the analysis results, combined with the student's expectation, the best application strategy and the target major are customized.

Efficient Improvement

Students and parents who have completed their registration will receive invitations to the University for a written test and a video interview.

Application Process

1. Documents Submission

  • Transcripts for the past 3 years
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores
  • Recent school English writing assignments
  • Social activity experience (volunteering or internship, etc.)
  • Target professional direction
  • Personal interests and hobbies

2. Agreement Signing

  • Precisely determine the ideal target major and university
  • Tap the hidden soft power advantages of students
  • Plan for Grade 11/12 Curriculum
  • Provide academic improvement advice
  • Provide language improvement suggestions
  • Overall plan for application documents and interview

3. Overall Improvement

  • Make reasonable adjustments to the 11/12 grade curriculum in consultation with the school
  • Recommend extra-curricular courses
  • Recommend high-quality language training teachers
  • Revise and polish the application documents
  • Help to prepare for the interviews